Tobias Barth

Pilot with a passion for air to air photography

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Shooting Requests

I get the question more and more often: Can you take pictures of me in the air in my plane?

To cut a long story short, YES!

I see my aerial photographs as a total work of art. That means I don't just want to photograph the aircraft in some way, but in my style that shows a lot of beautiful landscapes in the background and thus shows the aircraft in its true element. For this, not only the light on the day of the photo flight must be suitable, but also clouds and the vegetation on the ground at different times of the year play an important role. As I have been taking my aerial photographs from a wide variety of aircraft for some time now, I can most likely offer you exactly the right one for your needs.

I would have to write an entire novel to list all the necessary conditions here with the countless ifs and buts. Therefore, please contact me directly here by email. That way I can make you a tailor-made offer.