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Hello, my dears!

A little help here, because sometimes you get stuck. ;)

Help: Order postcards, canvases, puzzles and much more from a photo

1. Click on the gallery that interests you and then click on “Order single images” in the top left.

2. Hover over the photo you are interested in and click on the "order" bar that appears at the bottom of the photo. (Not directly on the photo, then only an enlarged image of the photo will appear)

3. A window opens in which you can see the image on the right, as well as the format and prices for the pure photo.

4. On the left there is a bar with a list where you can choose which product you would like the photo on. At the top you can order “Foto”, i.e. the pure photo, as explained in point 3. You can also choose many other things in the bar on the left, such as photo gifts. If you click on it, the products and prices for the different variants to choose from will appear. E.g. photo gifts, puzzle 70 pieces and the price. :)

Help: Putting together a calendar, using calendar images Norway as an example:

1. Click on calendar images Norway 2024

2. You can now choose between ordering single images and ordering calendars. Click on Order Calendar.

3. You can now choose between light (hell) and dark (dunkel) design. Click on the design you want.

4. Now a page will appear with all the images that are in this gallery. In this example there are 12 images I selected that are shown in the correct order for a monthly calendar. And at the top there is a bar where you can insert the calendar image for each month. And of course also a cover photo for your calendar.

5. First, decide which year your calendar should apply to. To do this, click on the correct year above the bar with the empty boxes and make sure that your calendar starts with Jan. You can also choose which month the calendar should start in.

6. Set cover photo. On the far left, add the cover photo you like best. To do this, simply click on the empty image on the far left in the bar at the top, where the calendar title page is written above it, now it is marked. And then you click on the photo that you want to have as the cover photo. The photo you clicked can now be seen in small at the top of the bar on the far left.

7. Set calendar images. Now click on the empty picture in the bar at the top where “Jan” is written. It is now marked. Now click on the first photo of the 12 photos and it will appear in small size at the top of the bar for January.

8. In the same way you now set the photo for each month.

9. When you have added all the photos, a “Add calendar to shopping cart” box will appear. There you click on it and you can now order your calendar by clicking “go to basket”. :)

10. Please don't be confused. It now says that you have 13 items in your shopping cart. If you click on it, you will see the overview of your calendar. It says "Monthly calendar 30x30 cm. And next to it it says "1 time". So only one item. If you want to order 2 of the calendars, then change the 1 to a 2. :) Now you can order normally by clicking on at the top right click “continue”.

11. You can also put together a calendar from my other pictures. This was just an example of the Norway calendar.

Help: Upload your own images

You can even upload and order your own photos here!

(as I will explain here soon)

Thank you!