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2006 w4x ceremony ger DSC_5184ceremony DSC_0205DSC_0099DSC_4430DSC_4432DSC_4860DSC_5047fans DSC_0062lm1x ger DSC_4549lm1x nzl DSC_4548lm2- ger DSC_4521lm2- ger DSC_4526lm2x rasmussenDSC_4846lm4- aus DSC_0120lm4- aus DSC_0121lm4- gbr DSC_0124lm4- gbr DSC_0182lw 1x ned DSC_4490lw1x ger DSC_4492lw2x den DSC_4782lw2x den DSC_4784lw2x den DSC_4796lw2x ger DSC_4750lw2x ger DSC_4752lw2x ger DSC_4769lw2x ger DSC_4777lw2x ger DSC_4790lw2x ger DSC_4804lw2x ger DSC_4807m1x campbell within the fans DSC_0163m1x cze DSC_0145m1x DSC_0152m1x DSC_4911m1x DSC_4920m1x DSC_4922m1x gbr campbell DSC_0161m1x gbr DSC_4942m1x nzl DSC_0147m1x nzl DSC_4948m1x nzl DSC_4959m1x nzl DSC_4962m2x est DSC_4617m2x est DSC_4618m2x est DSC_4635m2x est DSC_4636m2x gbr slo DSC_0020m4- ned DSC_0089m4- ned DSC_0090m4- ned DSC_0091m4- ned DSC_4853m4- ned DSC_4881m4- ned usa DSC_0079m4- nedDSC_4853m4- nedDSC_4855m4x DSC_4991m4x usa DSC_4409m8+ can DSC_5224m8+ can DSC_5247m8+ ger DSC_5231rep w4x blr DSC_4389semi w2x ger DSC_4343semi w2x ger DSC_4359semi w2x ger DSC_4368semi w2x ger DSC_4371w1x blr DSC_4725w1x chn DSC_0049w1x DSC_4710w1x pol DSC_0056w2- nzl DSC_4665w2- nzl DSC_4687w2- nzl DSC_4689w2- rou DSC_4649w2- rou DSC_4651w2- rou DSC_4675w2- rou DSC_4677w2- rou DSC_4681w2- rou DSC_4685w2- usa DSC_4648w2x ger DSC_4595w2x ger huth waleska DSC_4600w2x ger huth waleska DSC_4602w2x ger huth waleska DSC_4605w2x ger huth waleska DSC_4606w2x ger huth waleska DSC_4613w2x ger huth waleskaDSC_4565w2x ger waleska huth DSC_4569w2x ger waleska huth DSC_4578w2x ger waleska huth DSC_4582w2x ger waleska huth DSC_4587w2x ger waleska huth DSC_4588w2x nzl DSC_4589w2x nzl DSC_4590w2x usa DSC_0067w4x gbr DSC_5030w4x gbr DSC_5032w4x ger DSC_0191w4x ger DSC_4969w4x ger DSC_4970w4x ger DSC_4978w4x ger DSC_4980w4x ger DSC_5017w4x ger DSC_5036w4x ger DSC_5042w4x ger DSC_5043w8+ ger DSC_5063w8+ ger DSC_5124w8+ ger DSC_5141w8+ ger DSC_5142w8+ ger josefine wartenberg5176w8+ ger wech derlien zimmermann DSC_5147w8+ gger DSC_5141w8+ josefine wartenberg gerv DSC_5172w8+ lenka wech and maren derlienDSC_5163w8+ ned DSC_5158w8+ usa DSC_5072world cup winner DSC_5258

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