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You surf - I photograph.

This is a random surf session gallery presented by BULGENSLAG | Frithjof Blaasch. I want to give non-professional surfers the chance to get a professional photo. You don't have to stress while surfing because someone is standing on the beach or swimming in the water to take pictures of you.
Take your time and browse through the galleries, maybe there is a picture of you. Once you have made the purchase, you will receive the image without watermarks directly and automatically.


By not hiring a photographer you save a lot of money, please be honest and choose the right license when buying. There are two options to choose from:

  • Private Use | Social Media 20,-€ You get the photo without watermarks & can view it on your screen/mobile phone. Small prints in postcard format should be possible. You are allowed to use the image on your own social media channels as long as you do not make a profit from it.
    Select: Original (priv. Nutzung)
  • Social Media Extended 50,-€ Same conditions plus permission to provide the image to companies / your sponsors for their social media channels. The image may not be used as an advertisement or changed in color.
    Nutzung Social Media (Original)


  • Photo credit must always given to @bulgenslag
  • All images are web optimized and come in a width of 2000 pixel. If you want to print images contact me for a higher resolution: info@bulgenslag.de
  • These prices are only for this SURF SESSIONS and can not be applied to individual shootings!

copyright BULGENSLAG / Frithjof Blaasch




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